Project Source Codes


SINS Source Codes

1. ImpBench

ImpBench is a unique benchmark suite meant for designing and evaluating new digital processors for microelectronic implants.

ImpBench Source Code

For licensing details refer to the Release Notes

Related Publications:

- ImpBench: A novel benchmark suite for biomedical, microelectronic implants

- ImpBench Revisited: An Extended Characterization of Implant-Processor Benchmarks


2. Secure Implant System Architecture

Source Code

Published under GPLv2

 Related Publications:

-A System Architecture, Processor and Communication Protocol for Secure Implants


BrainFrame Source Codes 

1. Simple 8-way connected Inferior Olive C implementation

Source Code

Published under 3-clause BSD License

Related Publications:

- The DeSyRe project: on-Demand System Reliability

- DeSyRe: on-Demand System Reliability



2. Simple BrainFrame Maxeler Inferior Olive Demo.

Source Code part of the Maxeler AppGallery. Also in this GitLab Link

GPL v3.0

Related Publications:

- Real-Time Olivary Neuron Simulations on Dataflow Computing Machines


3. Simple Brainframe Xeon PHI Inferior Olive Demo

Source Code: GitHub Link

License : GPL v3.0

Related Publications:

- Optimizing Extended Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron Model Simulations for a Xeon/Xeon Phi Node


4. ZedBrain Source Codes - Project In collaboration with TEC (Technical University of Costa Rica)

Source Code of ZedBRain: GitHub Link




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